Spowlo Premium - A useful application that allows you to download music from Spotify, either one song at a time or entire playlists. The program does not work directly with the Spotify client, but only uses its playlists to search for tracks on YouTube or YT Music. That is, you copy the link to a single track or the entire list to Spotify, then paste it into the search form of this utility.

Then, the desired song is automatically requested, the source is found, and then the download is made to your mobile device in the right format, such as FLAC or MP3. In addition, the downloaded songs will have a built-in synchronized text, which will be useful for karaoke lovers. If you get errors when downloading, go to Settings --> Format --> Audio Provider and change the provider to any other one.
  • Latest version: 1.3.1
  • Android: 8.0 and up
  • Size: 68 MB
  • Google Play: Open

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