• Updated: 06.05.22
  • Android: 4.4 and up
  • Latest Version:
  • Get it On: Google Play
Terraria (MOD APK: Immortality) - Famous sandbox game made in stylish pixel graphics in which you have to take care of one of the characters and together with them try to survive in a harsh world. Explore the vast game world, dig tunnels and find useful resources there. Discover new recipes for crafting build whatever your heart desires, only your imagination can be a limitation. Lead battles with a variety of opponents, their diversity is amazing, more than three hundred and each unique in characteristics and skills. And when you're ready, have to go into battle with tough bosses, get good bonuses for their overthrow. Terraria game for android will make you a builder, miner, warrior and collector. You can play for free with friends or in single player.
- Immortality (you do not get almost all the damage from mobs, but you can suffocate under water or die from poison)
- A lot of items (select any item in the inventory that has more than one piece, then click on the Share button and confirm – in the inventory there will be 2 stacks of this item, 255 pieces each)

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