Grand Theft Auto 3 (Full Game) - The port of the legendary action game GTA 3. This is the first part of the series in which you will get acquainted with the open world of the town of Liberty City and try to survive in it. We will play as a criminal who has just escaped from prison. You need to settle in a new place, adapting to the harsh criminal everyday life. In this detailed virtual world, you can do whatever you want, there are no rules and boundaries of decency.

Interact with the environment, break everything around you, fight, shoot from various weapons, perform exciting tasks and side quests. There are many missions, you can complete them by downloading GTA 3 for free on Android. One of the features is the ability to ride on various vehicles, and we do not buy them, but brazenly take them away from other people. With the latest update, graphics have been adapted for modern screens and gameplay has been optimized for new versions of Android.
  • Latest version: 1.9
  • Android: 7.0 and up
  • Size: 692 MB
  • Google Play: Open
Grand Theft Auto 3

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